Tuesday, July 28, 2009


pattern: calorimetry
yarn: Moda Dea Cache
needles: size US 10.5

Cast on 80 stitches. Worked short rows until there were 26 stitches outside the markers on each end and 28 stitches in between the markers.

Not a fan of the yarn - had gotten it for free a couple of years ago. Yarn looks more fluorescent in the photo than in real life

Friday, July 24, 2009

knitted ruff

I received this yarn from my friend a couple of years ago and didn't know what to make with it - until I saw this pattern. I really like ruffles, and I think the color is perfect for the pattern.

knitted ruffpattern: knitted ruff from Cut Out + Keep
yarn: Manos del Uruguay
needles: size US 7

Cast on 24 stitches instead of 18, but didn’t change the short rows. I also made the buttonhole larger.

The instructions on short rows are a bit confusing and not quite right. Wrapping a stitch is described as “yo, slip 1 stitch, yo, slip the slipped stitch back to the original needle”.

If you know how to work short rows, then it’s not a problem. This tutorial on knitty.com is quite helpful.